In memory of Faith Chuku

It's a new month and I was dazed by the news of a very tragic event. This made me realize how selfish I have been with what I've been holding back from the world- my love. I've been given responsibilities which I have failed to carry out effectively because of fear- fear that I CAN'T. What silly excuse.. Of course the one who assigned me those responsibilities knew that I could handle them so why give doubt a chance to prevail?

We are on a journey. How we travel this road of life speaks for us in the end. Enough of receiving, start giving. Give your time, give your wisdom, give your prayers, give your love and give Jesus. Give everyday because so much has been given to you.

She lived her life giving. The ever-smiling beautiful lady was inspiration to many. Her body was taken away but her life is alive because she gave all she had.
For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body t…

Do I really need your help?

I like to feel like a Superwoman most times, being able to do anything and everything on my own and then pat myself on the back in the end. Well, it feels good to be independent but sometimes we need to be dependent because it is lonely to exist alone. Dependency doesn't necessarily mean weakness, it's just a way of showing others that they matter- we need each other to survive.

It was 6.40pm. I was supposed to embark on a very important task but I decided to work on my Resumé first. I started with editing the old one to suit the kind of jobs I aimed for, but it wasn't just working out well. Then I went in search of Resumé templates to help make my work easy. I couldn't find any suitable one so I just went with the best option.

Fast forward... 10.40pm. Did I successfully refine my Resumé? NO. Did I carry out that very important task? NO.

Some days ago, I consulted someone about my job search and he referred me to a place I can have my Resumé reviewed (for f…

Super excited!

Hi guys! (waving).. I'm so very excited this late hour and I can't help but share. After many years of waiting, Blogger decided to gift us with new themes. This has temporarily put an end to my search for a perfect theme and will probably bring me here more often. Take a look around and tell me what you think 😊

My new found friend

Ever since I met him, my whole world changed...

It was only recently that I discovered he was at the door of my heart the whole time, waiting for me to let him in. I had lived the past twenty-three years of my life in doubt that I actually exist. My life was filled with unanswered questions, unsteady relationships, paranoid thoughts and I was just in a world of my own- a lonely one.

Are we there yet?

I've been itching to put this up, thank God I finally have! 😊

Have you ever wondered why it took a long or a short time to get your requests granted? Or why some people who make the same request as you at the same time get settled first? The answer is simple- you are different.

Just about the time the Israelites were to move out of Egypt, God did not lead them along the main route to their destination, which was the shortest route. He led them through a longer route. You may wonder, why? Well, God is God; He knew better.

How did I ask for it?

The year 2017 is just 6 days away and I'm sure that there are some things we asked God for this year that we didn't receive. Consider these scenarios:

Quit the Alibis. Act equipped

We all tend to maim our worth simply because of our obvious flaws.In confusion and strive, we put up personal ideologies as excuses for the wars. Even when our hearts tell us never to give up, our present situation urges us to give in.